Trotting Racing Harness

Trotting Racing Harness
Modle: WTH589
Leather : Buffalo Harness Leather
Heavy duty stainless steel tree structure
Fitting: Stainless Steel /Brass hardware
Sizes Available: Minis or as required
Color : Black/Brown/Tan

Trotting Harness Racing Harness: 
Double  layer of  leather using  Nylon Inlay for durablelity and complet Padding in Saddle Breast Plate, Shoolder, Girth, Breeching for comfort. Tug Buckle or Leather with Movable or immovable strap in Saddle.This Harness set Comes complete with racing saddle, girth, back strap with fixed crupper, head pole straps, martigale, lounge lines, open bridle and over check, chin strap, traces and breeching .

Excellent Quality Racing Trotting Harness,  all Parts of the harness racing made with genuine material . Handcrafted with the finest by lack harness leather available.  Quick release system with stainless steel keepers. Forged stainless steel Tug Buckle . Heavy Duty Stainless steel tree.

Racing and Trotting Horse Harness Supplies Worldwide via International Shipping !!!

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