English Collar Original Leather Presentation Harness

It is as adjustable as a breastcollar, Double  layer of  leather using  Nylon Inlay for durability and complete Padding in Saddle Breast Plate, Shoulder, Girth,Breeching for comfort.

Tug Buckle or Leather with Movable or immovable strap in Saddle.

This Harness set  comes complete with driving Collar, Bridle w/blinkers with Overcheck, french collar, saddle with shaft tug, carriage, french shaft ( tilburys ) tug, leather open shaft tug or leather closed shaft tug, girth, traces, crupper, back-strap, loin-strap, breeching with kicking-strap and driving reins, Hames, hames tugs, Quality leather with stainless steel fittings.

Model Number : WBH00928
Type:collar harness
Leather:Buffalo Harness Leather
Fitting:Stainless Steel /Brass hardware
Sizes:XFull, Full, Cob, Pony & Shetland
Color:Black, Havana, Brown & London 

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