Quick Hitch Coupler's Shoft

We manufacture harness hardware and fittings. We thoroughly get better and enlarge the range of our equine hardware. The family has its own steel works and fabricating, forge and research and development facilities. Therefore, there is the possibility of a new design according to your desire and need. We reconstruct the ancient and historical hardware & fittings for harness lovers since last 3 generation now my brother ”Mr. Sarvendra” is the forth one in our family who is engage into making complete harness stuff and now you can get all the harness gears and stainless steel fittings as per your requirement and budget. 

Fitted to the shafts of the sulky, these high quality quick release shaft fittings have two settings for attachment to the quick hitch couplers, and a loop to which the quick release safety strap can be fitted. Stainless Steel.

Brand Name:Workwell
Model Number:WWHQH0026
Material:Stainless Steel

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