Custom, handmade, designer Browbands

Just select color and design of bead, stainless steel decorative, leather color, size and we design absolutely stylish browband! we also offer a double bridle option for your perfect ridding. Decorative materials are separately hand stitched into the browband for a stylish look with comfort, almost durable product. For testing and trial! Please contact us for the same!

Browbands are available in four standard sizes mentions as below:
1. Pony 
2. Cobb 
3. Horse 
4. Warmblood

(Browband loops can be made wide enough to accommodate a double bridle).

Please let us know if you need a unique size, we are more than happy to create your custom made browband to any length to correctly fit your extraordinary Horse.

Artificial Crystal beads, Stainless steel buttons and chains are hand stitched into every browband to give a different impression that compliments both your Horse and your bridle. Decorative materials are implant strongly into your browband can be flexible and comfortable in any position you put it in without falling apart or becoming irritating to your horse.

Brand Name:workwell
Model Number:WWBRB0069
Leather:Buffalo Harness Leather
Fitting:Stainless Steel /Brass hardware
Sizes:XFull, Full, Cob, Pony
Color:Black, Havana, Brown & London Leather and maching bridle

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