Fancy Raised stitched with Padding, Figure 8 Bridle

The bridle has a raised, padded fancy-stitched browband hand stitched throughout and Hand finished edges dyed to match.

Figure-8 Bridle features a traditional ring style, a raised, fancy-stitched Figure-8 noseband with Fur padded center for the comfort of the horse.

The noseband attaches to the crownpiece on both sides, so once it's adjusted, it's less likely to shift especially important for a Figure-8 noseband.

Never rust bridle buckles and fittings.

Leather:: Havana Brown, Black, Tan
Specify Pad Color:: Black, Brown, Tan, or as required

Brand Name:workwell
Model Number:WWIBR-03
Type:Horse Bridle
Colour:Black/Brown/Tanned/ As required.
Size:Full /Cob/ Pony
Leather:Drum Dyed bridle leather
Hardware:Brass/ Stainless Steel

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